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Regulations of accreditation to our events.

Live Music Hall is always glad to see representatives of mass media at our venue. We are ready to present all necessary information, photos and music materials of the bands and artists whose concerts organized MAI Tour-Service. For pleasant and fruitful partnership we bring to attention regulations of accreditation to our events.

Printed publications
Journalists of the printed publications are made by virtue of announce. It is necessary to put into the request of accreditation information about publication (upcoming issue). For the event we accredit one reporter and photographer. Circulation of the edition should be at least 15000 copies.

TV and Radio

On the grounds of announce about the event we accredit ENG crew of no more than three people and one reporter from the radio station.
We reserve the right to get all concert materials and use them for our own purposes.


Announce of the event should be on the main page of the web-site at least for 10 days. Link must be sent at the time of placement and afterwards we adjust the accreditation.  From one internet resource we accredit one reporter and one photographer. Circulation of the internet publications must be at least 15000 unique users per day.
The announce should have relevant information about the place, date and ticket price of the event
Accreditation for the event begins within 10 days and closes the day before the event. In the request note contact telephone numbers of reporters and editors office. To be accredited you need to receive confirmation.
Attention! We don’t accredit by phone.
Entrance for the journalists to the event  opens one hour before the concert.
For accreditation contact us by e-mail: pr@artsokol.ru , fax: +7 (495) 984 7434You can also subscribe for weekly mailing by sending request to pr@artsokol.ru
PR-agency MAI Tour-Service reserve the right to make decisions concerning the accreditation to events depending on the capacity and sort of the announce.
For the avoidance of misunderstandings we ask to conform with us your announcements of our events.

Best regards,
PR-agency Live Promo.